• It applies German technology. It processes terminals of wires, cables and plugs with the advantage of no noise, low cost, easy operation, high efficiency.

  • It uses gas as medium to protect electric arc and welding area. It consists of welding power supply, welding gun, control system and gas supply system.

  • It applies German technology,is with imported programmable control system, high precision machine, modular software design which guarantees organic connection between each modular.

  • It is controlled by single chip and hydraulic driven. It bends10 angles in one single trip and bends pipes in different shapes with high precision. It is fully automatic, highly efficient and easily operated.

  • It applies “high voltage breakdown arc starting principle”. It uses wolframium (the extreme inert gas) to protect argon welding. All chassis of NWOW are argon welded.

  • It is used for cutting copper, iron, aluminum, cooling fin and water pipes. Using air compressing fluid to drive saw blade and to drive cylinder to clip material to be cut.

  • It is specially used in pipe processing. It uses different molds to make arcs based on needs. It is controlled by PLC and hydraulic driven. Electronics and hydraulic parts are all imported.

  • Panasonic automatic welding robot applies Japanese technology ,the core system can operate the whole welding automatically with high efficiency.

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