• It is used for testing the radial impact on the alloy rims. Follow national standards to do destructive test so as to verify product performance.

  • It is used for testing metals and non-metals mechanical performance in stretching, compressing, bending, cutting, tearing, peeling, crushing and fracturing.

  • It is to simulate vehicle actual running to analyze the mechanical impact on the brake hub and to test destructive performance.

  • It is a comprehensive testing platform which simulates vehicle running braking, loading, climbing. Set parameters to test and analyze so as to verify vehicle actual performance.

  • Ultraviolet test chamber is an experimental device that USES fluorescent ultraviolet lamp to simulate the effect of sunlight irradiation

  • It is used for testing the anti-corrosion performance of all kinds of surface treatment like: coating, electroplating organic film, non-organic film, anodizing, anti-rust painting.

  • It is used for testing parts anti-high temperature performance under destructive constant high temperature.

  • It is used for testing the data and performance of electric parts and other materials after high /low temperature or constant humidity and temperature.

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